Seomyeon 1st Avenue

Seomyeon 1st Avenue generally refers to 80m of road, including Jungang-ro (Kumkang), the Green Street, and Bujeon Covered Stream, and 420m (8m-wide) of road in the shape of a cross from (formerly) Cheonujang, to (formerly) Mariposa Intersection, to LG Electronics Seomyeon Service Center.  It was named 'Seomyeon 1st Avenue' in 1990 by the Shopping Mall Community to make it a symbolic landmark.  There are more theaters, bars, and cafés around Judith Taehwa, but the 1st Avenue was more famous in the past.

The uplifting atmosphere of the theater streets around Judith Taehwa and the colorful neon signs of the bars and eateries at Seomyeon 1st Avenue will make you excited.  You will be assimilated with the sound of music from the record shops and the energetic passersby.  There is array of cafés, bars, and tasty eateries with local taste that always attract the youngsters.  There also are many entertainment facilities, including night clubs, gaming parks, and movie theaters.

The neon signs turn on one by one around sunset and the people gather here after work to meet their lovers or friends.  The heat of youth goes on throughout the night.  Seomyeon 1st Avenue builds special stages for festivals every spring and fall and the various performances bring greater passion and excitement to this attraction.  





- Address : Bujeon-dong Busanjin-gu, Busan

- Parking : Available

- Inquiries : 051-605-4091

- Subway : Line 1 (Seomyeon), Line 2 (Seomyeon), Line 1 (Bujeon), Line 2 (Jeonpo)